Payment is requested at the time of service. Cash, check, or credit card is accepted.

NUCCA Initial visit

Interview and health history with Dr. Grandfield followed by spinal examination and postural analysis. If a spinal misalignment is found, then xrays may be taken at this first visit (xrays are additional cost). 


Follow-up visits

At each visit, precise measurement is taken to determine if you need an adjustment. Adjustments are only given when necessary. Additional stretches and exercises may be given to support progress and balance. 


NUCCA X-rays

If spinal misalignment is found, xrays will be taken before the first adjustment.

Precise and specific views of your upper cervical misalignment to determine the most accurate adjustment.


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Insurance Providers

We're out of network with all health insurance plans. Although we will support individual reimbursement:

At your request we will support you to be reimbursed by your insurance company, by out of network coverage or through your medical savings plan. We do not accept assignment or payment directly from any insurance company and are not a provider on any insurance network.

Reimbursement is determined by the insurance coverage of your insurance policy provided by your network or your insurance company.  

We are not enrolled with medicare which means that we cannot care for medicare patients at this time. 

No reimbursement is made to you or to our office from Medicaid.

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