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Pronounced new-kah

Your upper neck greatly impacts the rest of your posture, spine, your nervous system, muscles, and how your entire body functions. The NUCCA procedure influences body balance, the brain stem, and the central nervous system. Varying conditions and problems will arise when your nervous system is compromised.


Examples include, sciatica, thoracic outlet syndrome, indigestion, TMJ disorder, hypertension, anxiety, fibromyalgia, increased over all stress, etc.

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What You Can Expect

Day 1

Day 2

Future Visits

On your first visit, Dr. Traci takes time to assess your situation, measure your posture, run a spinal stress test, and take xrays (if needed) measuring misalingment in the upper neck to determine how your health is being affected (arthritis, discs, pain/symptoms, nervous system compromise, etc).

Your first correction (NUCCA adjustment) happens on day 2. Dr. Traci will review your xrays and explain how your misalignment is affecting your health. A plan is made to begin healing and correcting the breakdown.

Update and continue healing progress. At each visit, precise measurment is taken to determine if you need an adjustment. Adjustments are only given when necessary. The doctor may also offer exercises, stretches, or other supportive therapy to enhance recovery and healing.

Post-adjustment measurements are performed to ensure correction.

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