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Talking real health- what it is and how to restore it if you’ve lost it- with the best MD I’ve ever met, Dr. Ron Hunninghake!


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My commitment to my patients is to offer excellent and thoughtful care without compromise. I'm a champion for natural, positive care that helps maximize health and wellbeing.



Pronounced new-kah

NUCCA is an advanced Chiropractic technique that focuses on your upper cervical. We utilize x-rays to determine the exact degree of adjustment needed and then make very gentle, precise corrections to fix the alignment.


Once the body is corrected, pressure is released from the spinal cord and the central nervous system. The body then begins the innate process of healing.

What You Can Expect


Day 1

On your first visit, Dr. Traci takes time to assess your situation.


She will measure your posture, run a spinal stress test, take xrays (if needed) and measure misalingment in the upper neck to determine how your health is being affected (arthritis, discs, pain/symptoms, nervous system compromise, etc).

Day 2

Your first correction (NUCCA adjustment) happens on day 2.


Dr. Traci will review your xrays and explain how your misalignment is affecting your health. A plan is made to begin healing and correcting the breakdown.

Future Visits

Monitor healing, stability, and recovery progress.


At each visit, precise measurment is taken to determine if you need an adjustment and only given when necessary. Dr. Traci may also offer exercises, stretches, or other supportive therapy to enhance recovery and healing. Post- adjustment measurements are performed to ensure correction.

Location Map

5020 E Central Ave.

Wichita, KS 67208

Business Hours:


9 am | 6 pm


1 pm l 5pm

Tues, Thurs

2pm I 6pm


9am I 4pm

Closed Weekends

Phone: 316-239-1444

Fax: 316-768-8239


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